What Can a Client Expect at COMPASS?

COMPASS offers one-on-one visits with experienced case managers, in a quiet, professional setting. Clients can count on:

  • An initial interview to assess needs, create short-term goals and a preliminary plan of action. At this stage we typically address basic & immediate needs, such as crisis intervention, food, housing, transportation (including Disabled Q-Cards), a mailing address, voice mail, ID, and clothing.

  • Follow-up visits for ongoing case management in more complicated matters involving longer-term goals, such as improving life skills, the need and desire for permanent employment, chemical dependency treatment, health care, mental health treatment / compliance, social security benefits, or the need and eligibility for Permanent Supportive Housing. For clients on an employment track, we offer help with job readiness, job leads, and individualized coaching in the various aspects of a job search. Clients are expected to work on their goals between visits.

  • “Information & Referrals” to other community resources are necessary for clients, as they move forward. With 32 years of experience, we know the many excellent resources Houston offers, and which ones are appropriate for a given client. Navigating the resources can be challenging, so we take special care to give clients all of the information and pointers they need to succeed at connecting with the right places.

  • Our case management is paired with “direct assistance,” such as giving referrals for ID, clothes or haircuts, as well as toiletries, reading glasses, snacks, along with bottled water provided by the I AM WATERS Foundation( www. iamwaters .com ) We are also committed to providing local bus fare in the form of “Metro Money”, so that clients have access to medical care and other important services in Houston, and so they can conduct a meaningful job search.

Homeless individuals may also apply for a Harris Health System “GOLD CARD” at COMPASS each weekday morning, giving them access to county hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and specialty clinics (Dental and HIV/Aids) at no charge.

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